What is Batik ?


Batik is a process of decoration , surely the most ancient of all ; it consists in printing or painting materials by covering certain parts with wax or clay .

The material is coloured with natural dyestuff , wich is fixed with a mordant to make the dyes resistant to the washing and sunlight .The dyestuff soaks only the parts of the material that are not covered by the wax .

Traditionally , such decorated materials are painted or stamped with geometric forms , then immersed in a cream bath and finally in a fixatif bath .

 REISEFLEISCH BATIK  has extended the traditional process of the Javanese Batik thanks to the experimentation of new technics ( colourcracking , bleaching ,... ) and their fusion with the ancient know-how . The results become apparent through modern designs and elaborated combinations of colours , and adapted to the aesthetic of the western world .


The spirit of REISEFLEISCH  BATIK is first of all the concern for quality and the desire for a creative and progressive evolution .


REISEFLEISCH BATIK exlusively uses high-quality raw materials

( fabrics , colours , fixatives , wax ,.. ) ,

wich distinguishes our creations from ordinary Batiks at the first sight ;

not only due to the brightness of the colours or the most finegrained weaving , but also to the resistance to the washing and sunlight .


All REISEFLEISCH - designs are personal creations .

Some of them are inspired from great painters , like

Picasso , Klee , Matisse for instance , or from diverse styles of painting.

( abstract , figurative , futurist , tribal ) .


Due to their big size ( 200 cm x 115 cm ) , the REISEFLEISCH Sarongs can be used whether for interior decoration , or as a piece of cloth , thanks to the diverse , elegant and confortable possibilities to wear a sarong .

You can find the instructions for use in our brochure , delivered for free when you purchase a sarong , and you are offered a buckle made of coconut shell , as well .


The Batiks illustrated in our catalogues are the result of a 23-years-experience of creation and selling .


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