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The Sarong

The Sarong is a traditional garment in Asia, Africa and many Pacific Islands,
which is wrapped around the waist.
It's a large fabric tube with - mostly - checkered woven patterns. ​

REISEFLEISCH BATIK was inspired by it and invented the Sarong-with-pocket in Batik.
Made from our Batiks, drawn and painted by hand, on a high-end fabric,
we have adapted it to Western aesthetics and comfort. ​

Those who trie it, adopt it immediately. ​

It has become a garment of everyday life:
Relaxing at home, after the shower, in the sauna, in summer at the beach, at the campsite ,
at the swimming pool , in naturist camps , or simply ... everywhere . ​

As much for men as for women, according to its folding, it can be worn as a long dress as much only as a mini-skirt. ​
And as a bonus : The pocket . Small, but practical detail ...
and the instructions for use !

Man wearing à Batik Sarong with pocket
Man showing how to fold a Batik Sarong with pocket
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